新概念第三册15:Fifty pence worth of trouble


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Children always appreciate small gifts of money. Mum or dad, of course, provide a regular supply of pocket money, but uncles and ants are always a source of extra income. With some children, small sums go a long way. If fifty pence pieces are not exchanged for sweets, they rattle for months inside money boxes. Only very thrifty children manage to fill up a money box. For most of them, fifty pence is a small price to pay for a nice big bar of chocolate.
My nephew, George, has a money box but it is always empty. Very few of the fifty pence pieces and pound coins I have given him have found their way there. I gave him fifty pence yesterday and advised him to save it. Instead he bought himself fifty pence worth of trouble. On his way to the sweet shop, he dropped his fifty pence and it bounced along the pavement and then disappeared down a drain. George took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and pushed is right arm through the drain cover. He could not find his fifty pence piece anywhere, and what is more, he could no get his arm out. A crowd of people gathered round him and a lady rubbed his arm with soap and butter, but George was firmly stuck. The fire brigade was called and two fire fighter freed George using a special type of grease. George was not too upset by his experience because the lady who owns the sweet shop heard about his troubles and rewarded him with large box of chocolates.


  Children always appreciate small gifts of money.
  Husbands always appreciate small gifts of beer money.
  provide a regular supply of ... 定期地提供
  provide sth.for sb/provide sb.with sth. 为某人提供某物
  a source of extra income
  small gifts of money
  pocket money
  extra income
  go a long way: 可买很多东西,维持很久
  The money we have will go a long way.
  go a long way towards : 对...大有帮助
  This will go a long way towards overcoming the difficulty.
  The weather is quite warm for November.
  For him,this will be an entirely new hobby.
  介词with…"在某一方面" (多用于二者的比较)
  With some people,pleasure is more important than work.
  Some people may accept that excuse,but it won't work with me.
  pence: 便士(penny便士的复数:pennies)
  a fifty pence: 一个五十便士的硬币
  a fifty penies: 五十一便士的硬币
  exchange for: 换取,以...来交换
  rattle: 叮当作响=tinkle
  roar: 呼啸(重点突出老虎、狮子等大动物的吼叫声)
  shout at: 大喊大叫=bark at
  He is grunting. 咕咙的,哼哼唧唧的
  slam: 砰的一声
  fill up: 装满
  up to…表示到达目的地
  towards …表示朝某个方向
  She ran up to him.
  She ran towards him.
  (2) 表示沿着,走向更远的地方,侧重强调距离更远了
  They walked up the street.
  They children run up the garden path to greet their father.
  (3) 系动词+up …表示消费、摧毁、彻底,光,用完
  Drink up your whisky.
  Eat up your vegetable.
  Finish it up.
  burn up
  use up
  (4) 表示积存,从少到多,积小成多
  We must lay up some boiled food for the winter.
  =store up,hold up,gather up
  (5) 表示从河的上游到下游,河流入口处以上到源头的某一点
  They are sailing up the Thames.
  The house is up the river.
  (6) 动词+up…表示包起来、封住、盖住
  button up save up
  wrap up wash up
  lock up do up
  fasten up
  fifty pence is small prive=fifty pence is not much to pay
  s small price= not much money :并不是很多
  For him,two thousand dollars is small priceto pay for it.
  For me,five hundred yuan is not a small price to pay for a bicycle.
  find their way there = reach 抵达,到达,找到自己的去处
  Rivers find their way to the sea.
  How did such a foolish statement find its way into print.
  All my books have already found their way there.
  advise: 建议
  advise sb.to do sth.:说服某人做某事(失败的结果)
  persuade sb.to do sth.:说服某人做某事(成功的结果)
  instead: 相反的是
  fifty pence worth of trouble: 五十便士的麻烦
  系列的动词构成平行结构take off ,rolled up, push
  The pencil rolled under the table
  He rolled the ball towards the puppy.
  roll up: 卷起,挽起
  We will need to roll up the carpet.
  what 引导的插入语
  What is more important.
  What is worse.
  What is more.
  What is rare.
  gather round :聚在里面
  rubbed his arm with sth.: 用...涂抹
  rewarded...with: 用...来奖赏某人






v. 欣赏,感激

pocket money

adj. 节约的

n. 侄子,外甥

v. 弹起,跳起

n. 人行道

stick (stuck, stuck)
v. 卡住,夹住,不能再动

n. 旅,(消防)队

n. 润滑油


  3.(a) have sth.done get sth.out of
  4.(b) plenty仅用于肯定句中
  5.(b) advise sb.to do sth.
  advise sb.that...
  I advise my students that they should read English for mroe than an hour.
  如果句中的when表达的概念是"就在这时"、"恰恰这时"、"正当此时"、 那么其前的主句结构往往采用进行时态
  doning sth. ... when
  7.(a) "也不": neither/nor(用于句首句子必须倒装)
  8.(c) put sth.+(prep.)
  durable: 持久的,耐久的
  in turn :轮流地
  cycle: 周期循环
  circle: 圆圈,环状物
  draw a circle,the cycle of the seasons
  11.(b) well and truly: completely
  Tom was well and truly drunk.
  by no means: 无论如何决不
  (in no way,on no account,in no sense)
  They look at each other embarrassed
  Please don't distress yourself.
  He was most distressed to hear the sad news.