新概念第三册16:Mary had a little lamb



Mary and her husband Dimitri lived in the tiny village of Perachora in southern Greece. One of Mary's prize possessions was a little white lamb which her husband had given her. She kept it tied to a tree in a field during the day and went to fetch it every evening. One evening, how-ever, the lamb was missing. The rope had been cut, so it was obvious that the lamb had been stolen.
When Dimitri came in from the fields,His wife told him what had happened.Dimitri at once set out to find the thief.
He knew it would not prove difficult in such a small village. After telling several of his friends about the theft, Dimitri found out that his neighbour, Aleko, had suddenly acquired a new lamb.
Dimitri immediately went to Aleko's house and angrily accused him of stealing the lamb. He told him he had better return it or he would call the police. Aleko denied taking it and led Dimitri into his back-yard. It was true that he had just bought a lamb, he explained, but his lamb was black. Ashamed of having acted so rashly, Dimitri apologized to Aleko for having accused him. While they were talking it began to rain and Dimitri stayed in Aleko's house until the rain stopped.When he went outside half an hour later, he was astonished to find that the little black lamb was almost white. Its wool, which had been dyed black, had been washed clean by the rain !


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  in the tiny village of...
  in the big city of Beijing
  in the beautiful city of Paris.
  possession: 所有物
  What I possess is valuable./My possessions are valuable.
  belinging: 随身携带物
  keep: 使……处于某种状态
  I keep my windows closed.
  I kept the boy standing outside.
  It is obvious that...
  set out to do sth.: 开始着手做某事
  tell sb.about sth.
  He can't be ill or he wouldn't have come.
  or else
  Your room is so dirty,Clear it promptly,or else...
  It is true that...,but...
  It is true that the work is hard,but we'll finish it ahead.
  Angry at everybody here,he left suddenly.
  Anxious for a quick decision,he called his friends.
  Nervous,the man opened the letter.





complete v. 完成
modern adj. 新式的,与以往不同的
strange adj. 奇怪的
district n. 地区



  had better do had better not do
  1.We had better have lunch.
  2.She had better renew her passport
  3.You'd better not ask so many questions.
  4.We'd better not stay any longer.
  5.The children had better get an early night
  6.solicitor: 律师 I had better consult my solicitor.



  1. C untie vt.解开 vi.松开, 解开
  2. B community (n.社区, 公社, 团体, 社会)= village
  3. B truthful(adj.诚实的, 说实话的) admit(v.容许, 承认)
  4. D 
  5. D 正确
  present(adj.现在的, 出席的) 反义词:absent(adj.不在的, 缺席的)
  present (vt.赠送, 给)
  -- When Mr. Brown left firm, the director presented a gold watch to him.
  -- The gold watch was present from the director.
  a present from somebody 某人所送的礼物
  6. C
  7. D so small a size
  8. B
  9. A
  valued adj.尊贵的, 尊重的, 宝贵的
  -- valued advice宝贵的忠告 / valued?friend尊贵的朋友
  worthwhile adj.值得做的(-- working hard is worthwhile 努力学习是值得做的)
  worthy adj.值得的, 配得上的(be worthy of)
  -- The chain is worthy of the watch.(chain n.链子)
  -- His deeds are worthy of our praise. 他的确行为陪得上我们的表扬
  10. B
  tell somebody about something
  report something to somebody
  11 C 正确 chat v.聊天 n.聊天
  argument n.争论, 辩论
  12 A 正确 
  out of doors = outdoors = outside(n.adj.adv.prep.)
  -- outdoors n.户外 adv.在户外, 在野外
  adj.在户外 = outdoor(adj.室外的, 户外的)
  -- outdoors 的反义词:indoors(adv.在户内)
  in the open air 在户外, 露天
  inside out 里外反穿
  -- He put his socks on inside out. 他把袜子穿反了。