新概念第三册17:The longest suspension bridge in the world



Verrazano, an Italian about whom little is known, sailed into New York Harbour in 1524 and named it Angouleme. He described it as 'a very agreeable situation located within two small hills in the midst of which flowed a great river.' Though Verrazano is by no means considered to be a great explorer, his name will probably remain immortal, for on November 21st, 1964, the longest suspension bridge in the world was named after him.
The Verrazano Bridge, which was designed by Othmar Ammann, joins Brooklyn to Staten Island. It has a span of 4,260 feet. The bridge is so long that the shape of the earth had to be taken into account by its designer. Two great towers support four huge cables. The towers are built on immense underwater platforms make of steel and concrete. The platforms extend to a depth of over 100 feet under the sea. These alone took sixteen months to build. Above the surface of the water, the towers rise to a height of nearly 700 feet. They support the cables from which the bridge has been suspended. Each of the four cables contains 26,108 lengths of wire. It has been estimated that if the bridge were packed with cars, it would still only be carrying a third of its total capacity. However, size and strength are not the only important things about this bridge. Despite its immensity, it is both simple and elegant, fulfilling its designer's dream to create 'an enormous object drawn as faintly as possible'.


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  sailed into...…句子的主干
  about whom …Italian
  describe something as
  see view look upon recognize regard treat accept
  I should describe the attempt as a failure.
  His mother regards him as genius
  I like the village located within two small hills.
  in the midst of which...
  A great river flowed in the middle of the two hills.
  in the middle of the night
  in front of which 动词要位于主语之前
  though although even though 引导让步状语从句
  用了though,although 不能使用but
  by no means
  It is by no means pleasant to take a crowded bus.
  not by any means not at all
  He isn't satisfied with a job at all.
  in no way in no case in no sense in no circumstances
  remain immortal be neamed after be named for
  take one's name from
  a span of: 跨度、桥长
  take into account take into consideration take account of
  We have to take the date into account when we have the meeting
  support: hold up
  extend a railway extends to the next city
  rise to
  which指代先行词 cables
  It has been estimated that... It is said. It is reported
  It has been estimated/expected
  were 虚拟语气
  immensity…size despite…in spite of
  fulfilling: 分词做状语表结果
  The bus was held up by the snowstorm,causing the delay.
  At last he passed his examination,fulfilling his dream to go abroad.





n. 悬,吊

adj. 宜人的

n. 地点,地方

v. 位于

adj. 永生的,流芳百世的

n. 布鲁克林(纽约一区名)

n. 斯塔顿(岛)

n. 跨度

n. 缆索

n. 混凝土

v. 悬挂

n. 根,段

v. 估计

n. 承受量

n. 巨大

adj. 优美别致的

adv. 微细地



  1. D considerable adj.值得考虑的, 相当可观的
  the longest suspension bridge was named after Verrazano.
  2. A stretch n.一段路程, 一段时间
  a wide stretch of water 连续不断的水域
  3. A
  The bridge is so long that the shape of the earth had to be taken into account by its designer.
  account for 考虑, 说明, 解决
  take account of / take into account 考虑
  curvature n.弯曲度
  vehicle n.交通工具, 车辆
  4. A describe sth As
  situated 动词过去分词接受 agreeably的限定
  5. A 陈述客观事实
  6. B
  thus adv.因而, 从而, 这样, 如此
  -- He sold his farm and thus he had enough money for his journey.
  他卖掉了农场, 这样他就有足够的钱旅行了。
  -- There has been no rain - thus, the crops are drying.
  天没下雨, 因此庄稼要枯死了。
  7. D
  immense 描述性形容词用于物质名词的前面
  sink vi.vt.(sank, sunk, sinking)下沉, 使沉没
  ferro-concrete n.[建]钢筋混凝土, 钢骨水泥
  8. D load n.负荷, 装载量, 负载
  the load = the total capacity
  can不能与be able to 搭配连用
  9. A
  either 表示两者中的每一方的
  -- He sat in the car with a policeman on either side of him.
  -- on either side of the street
  either? adj.修饰名词的单数形式
  both adj.修饰名词的复数形式
  every adj.用于三者或三者以上(意思上等于all)
  -- in every direction = in all directions
  side by side 肩并肩的, 并排
  -- The two bottles stood side by side on the table.
  -- walk side by side 肩并肩的走
  10. C
  link…with / join… to
  attach… to 把…牢牢的系上 (attach v.系上, 贴上)
  -- She attached a check to the order form. 她在定单上附了一张支票。
  Relate…to/with 表示在…之间建立联系
  -- I can‘t relate what you say happened with what I saw.
  Unify vt.统一, 使成一体
  11. C
  suspension bridge 吊桥
  suspended adj.暂停的, 缓期的, 延期的
  -- The java suspended sentence. 法官判了他缓刑。
  -- judge n.法官, 审判员
  Suspense n.担心, 不安, 悬念
  -- The competitors in the beauty contest were kept in suspense waiting for the result.
  -- competitor(n.竞争者) contest(n.论争, 竞赛)
  Suspender n.吊索, 吊袜带
  12. D
  take vt.容纳, 装载
  -- The tank will take about twelve gallons.(n.加仑)
  Sustain vt.支撑, 承受住
  -- I don‘t think this floor will sustain the weight of the grand piano.
  Endure vt.经受, 承受(痛苦、苦难)
  Receive vt.收到