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order food 点菜
Can I take your order 我能帮你点菜吗?
I think I still need a few minutes 我还要想一下。
Are you ready to order? 你准备好点菜了吗?
Yes! I'd like the cheeseburger 好啦!我想要个奶酪汉堡包
What comes on it? 汉堡包上面有什么?
The cheese burger has lettuce,pickles,tomatoes and onions. 奶酪汉堡包有莴苣、番茄、酸黄瓜和洋葱。
I'd like to hold the onions,please! 请不要放洋葱。
side order 配菜
side order of french fries 薯条配菜
OK,and what would you like on the side? 好的,你想要什么配菜?
I'd like french fries. 我想要薯条。