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up to my ears 忙极了
I'm up to my ears in my homework 我读书忙极了。
I don't know I can finish it at all 我可能不会把功课做完。
music to my ears 听到好消息使你很高兴
After waiting in the rain for half an hour.我在雨中等了半小时之后。
The sound of the bus finally coming down the street was music to my ears.终于听到我所盼望的汽车声使我高兴啦。
I couldn't believe my ears 不敢相信
out of nowhere 突然来
my boss fired me today out of nowhere 我的老板今天突然炒了我.
I conldn't believe my ears when he told to pack my things and go.我简直不敢相信我的耳朵当他让我收拾东西离开这里。
play it by ear 随机应变
I'm not sure how long I'll stay at the party.我不知道要在派对上呆多久
I guess I'll just play it by ear.我想我会随机应变