Yard Sale  庭院旧货出售




"Everybody loves a bargain" is a well-known saying. A bargain is a good deal. It is something you get for less than its value. One person's useless, ugly, or broken object can be another person's bargain. That is why so many Americans do not throw things away. They put them outside their house. They put on a "For Sale"sign. And, as simple as that, they have a yard sale.

有句名言叫“人人喜爱便宜货”。 买便宜货是项划算的交易。 便宜货是你用低于其本身价值的代价换来的东西。 在某个人看来是无用的、丑陋的或者破碎的东西可能成为另一个人的便宜货。 那就是为什么许多美国不抛弃东西的原因。 他们把东西放到屋子外面, 在上面放上“出售”的牌子。 就这么简单。他们搞了一次庭院旧货出售。
In some parts of the country, such a sale might be called a garage sale or a moving sale. Whatever the name, the activity is the same. People sell things they no longer want.
在美国有的些地方,这样的出售叫车库旧货出售或者叫搬家旧货出售。 不管怎么叫法,做法都一样。 人们把不再想要的东西卖出去。
Over the years, many people's houses fill up with objects: books no one wants to read any more, baby clothes for the child who is now a university student. These objects are no longer useful to the first owner. Yet it seems wasteful to throw them away. Often, people must make a decision about things when they move to a different house. "Let's have a yard sale," they say. "Then we will not have to move the things we do not use anymore. And we can make a little money at the same time."

一年年过去,许多人家里塞满了东西:不再想读的书、现在已经是大学生的孩子婴儿时候的衣服。 这些东西对原来的主人不再有用, 然而弃之似乎浪费。 人们搬家的时候也常常必须对有些东西作出决定。 他们说:“让我们搞一次庭院旧货出售。 这样我们就不用搬我们不再用的东西了。 同时我们还能赚到点钱。”
The sellers put a paid announcement in a local newspaper. It tells when and where the yard sale will take place. It lists some of the things to be sold. These sales are very popular during weekends in spring, summer, and autumn. On one weekend, for example, you can find announcements for almost two hundred yard sales around Washington, D.C.

出售的人花点钱在当地的报纸上登个预告, 告诉人们什么时候在什么地方搞庭院出售, 并列出某些要出售的东西的单子。 这类出售在春季、夏季和秋季的周末非常盛行。 譬如说,一个周末你会发现差不多两百个将在华盛顿市周围搞庭院出售的预告。
Early in the morning, all the things to be sold are carried out of the house. Then they sit all day in the sunlight like tired guests at a party waiting for someone to take them home.

一大早,所有要出售的东西都被搬到屋外。 然后它们像聚会上玩累了的客人那样,一整天都在阳光下坐着,等待别人来把它们带回家。
Just about anything can be sold at a yard sale. Sometimes, there are more clothes than anything else. Cooking equipment is also popular. So are old toys, tools, books, tables, and chairs. Then there are objects called "white elephants". A white elephant is something you think is extremely ugly or useless.
几乎一切东西都可以在庭院出售。 有时衣服多于任何其他东西。 炊具也很受欢迎。 还有旧玩具、工具、书、桌子和椅子。 还有些叫“白象”的东西。 所谓白象就是你认为极丑或极无用的东西。
It may be an electric light shaped like a fish. You feel a sharp pain whenever you look at it. To someone else, however, it might be a thing of beauty and joy.
可能有个鱼形电灯, 每当看到它,你感到极不舒服。 然而对于某个人,它可能是一件漂亮、令人快乐的东西。
Usually, the seller puts a price on each object at a yard sale. However, that price can almost always be negotiated. The price of a table, for example, might be marked "Ten Dollars". But the seller probably will accept eight dollars. By the end of the day, if the table has not been sold, the seller probably will accept much less.

通常出售都在每件庭院出售品上标上一个价格。 不过,那个价格几乎总是可以商量的。 例如一张桌子可能标十美元, 但给八美元,他可能说卖了。 一天结束,如果这张桌子还没有卖出去,出售者可能会大大让价。
Serious buyers also spend time getting ready for yard sales. They collect the newspaper announcements. Then they make lists of the sales they want to attend. Some use maps to plan their trip. They want to get to as many sales as possible.
认真的购买者也会花时间为去庭院出售做准备。 他们搜集报纸上的预告, 然后把他们想参加的庭院出售列一清单。 有些人使用地图来规划他们的行程。 他们想尽可能多到几处地方。
New things in stores cost more than some people can pay. So, they are happy to find a painting, a warm coat, or a chair for ten or fifteen dollars. Perhaps they find dishes for twenty dollars that would cost one hundred dollars in a store.
商店里的新东西有些人买不起。 因此他们乐意花十或十五美元找一幅书,一件暖和的外套或者一把椅子。 也许他们找到要价二十美元的盘碟在商店里要买到一百美元。
Some people go to yard sales to find a special thing that they collect. It may be old toy trains, for example, or paintings of dogs. Experts say more Americans are collecting old things now than ever before. The most popular things to collect are small objects: old money, stamps, dolls, bottles, baseball cards, toys and advertising sighs.

有些人去庭院出售处寻找他们收藏的特别的东西。 例如旧的玩具火车,或者画着狗的图画。 专家们说,比起过去,现在有更多的美国人收藏旧东西。 最受欢迎的收藏品大都是些小东西:旧币、邮票、洋娃娃、瓶子、棒球卡、玩具有及广告牌。
Most people who go to yard sales, however, are not looking for anything special. They might buy an object simply because it costs so little. They enjoy negotiating over prices, even if they really do not need the object. Later, they may hold their own yard sale to sell all the things they have bought.
大多数去庭院出售的人并不是有意去寻找什么特别的东西。 他们也许买某件东西,那仅仅是因为它花费不了几个钱。 他们喜欢讨价还价,即使他们并不真正需要它。 以后他们也许自己搞庭院出售,把所有他们买来的东西都卖掉。