Flea Market  跳蚤市场

Flea Market 跳蚤市场




A flea market is similar to a yard sale, only bigger. Flea Markets get their name from small, wingless insects called fleas. Fleas jump onto animals or humans and hide in their hair. Some people say the expression "flea market" comes from the fear that fleas may be hiding in the old things you buy at such a market.
跳蚤市场类似于庭院售旧货,只不过规模大一点。 跳蚤市场是从句叫跳蚤的没有翅膀的小虫子而得名。 跳蚤跳到动物或人身上,并藏在毛发里面。 有人说,“跳蚤市场”这一说法的由来,正是出于人们担心,你从这样的市场上买来的旧东西里面会藏有跳蚤。
Some flea markets are community events. Many families bring things to sell. The event may be held at a school or in a park. Some schools and churches hold flea markets once a year to earn money for special projects. Most flea markets, however, are held on weekends during spring, summer, and autumn.
有些跳蚤市场属于社区活动。 很多家庭把东西拿来出售。 这一活动可能在学校或公园举行。 有些学校和教堂每年组织一次跳蚤市场,为一些特殊的项目筹款。 然而,大多数跳蚤市场是在春季、夏季和秋季的周末举办。
Professional dealers' flea markets are more organized than yard sales or community flea markets. Sellers usually must get a trader's license from the local government. They must collect tax on everything they sell.
职业商贩的跳蚤市场比庭院售旧货或社区跳蚤市场组织得更好。 销售者通常必须从地方政府那里领取商业执照。 他们必须对售出的每一件东西代政府收税。
Some people get all their earnings by selling things at flea markets. Others have traditional and earn a little extra money at flea markets. Some dealers at a flea market sell lots of different things. Others sell just one kind of thing. It may be glass objects or old farm equipment. Many professional flea markets sell only antiques. In America, things are considered antique if they are at least one hundred years old.
有些人通过在跳蚤市场出售东西为生。 另有一些人有正规的工作,到跳蚤市场来挣点额外的钱。 有些商贩在跳蚤市场出售各种东西。 另有一些商贩专门出售某一种东西。 出售的东西可以是玻璃制品,或是旧的农用设备。 很多专业跳蚤市场只出售古董。 在美国,有一百年以上历史的东西便认为是古董。
One of the largest flea markets in the world is held in the state of California. On the second Sunday of every month, buyers look at objects offered by more than 2,000 sellers. This huge event is the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It takes place in the famous sports center in Pasadena, California. In sunshine or during rain, sellers show all kinds of things: books, records, fishbowls, seashells, doghouses.

世界上最大的跳蚤市场之一在加利福尼亚州举办。 每月的第二个星期日,购买者观看2,000多名出售者提供的东西。 这一盛事就是罗斯博尔跳蚤市场。 这个市场的场地罗斯博尔运动场是加利福尼亚州帕萨迪纳市著名的体育中心。 不管晴天或下雨,出售者展示各种各样的东西:书籍、唱片、鱼缸、海贝壳以及狗屋。
Arts and crafts are offered at the Rose Bowl Arts and Crafts Outdoor Festival, in connection with the Rose Bowl Flea Market. The only objects not permitted for sale include food, animals, and guns.
各种工艺美术品在与罗斯博尔跳蚤市场相连的户外罗斯博尔工艺美术节上展销。 只有食品、动物和枪等物品不允许在此出售。
Another famous market is called "The World's Longest Outdoor Sale." This event is held each year along a road that runs through the southern states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. The sale is 725 kilometers long.
另一个有名的市场叫做“世界上最长的露天市场”。 每年沿着一条穿越南方肯塔基州、田纳西州和阿拉巴马州的道路举办这个集市。 这个销售集市长达725公里。
The twelfth yearly sale was held last Thursday through Sunday. More than 2,000 people lined up to sell things. They included antiques, art, farm tools, home-made food, even cats and dogs. Thousands of people stopped their cars and looked over the goods at "The World's Longest Outdoor Sale."
第12届一年一度的销售于上周四至周日举行。 2,000多人排成一行出售东西。 其中有古董、艺术品、农具、自制食品等,甚至还有猫和狗。 成千上万的人停下汽车在“世界上最长的露天市场”上看货。
To some people, flea markets and yard sales are a sign that Americans are too concerned with material possession. They ask: why do people spend so much time buying things they probably do not need? It is some basic human desire to trade or to get something for almost nothing?
对有些人来说,跳蚤市场和庭院售旧货是美国人对物质占有过分关注的一种迹象。 他们问,人们为什么花那么多时间去买他们很可能不需要的东西呢? 难道人的基本欲望就是做买卖或者得便宜?
Some people have a strong desire to collect old objects such as toys or dolls. Perhaps they may be trying to recapture the happy times when they were children.
有些人有收集诸如玩具和洋娃娃这类旧东西的强烈欲望。 也许他们在试图追回幸福的童年时光。
To other people, yard sales are simply a way to have fun. In some communities, ten or twenty families may have a yard sale on the same weekend. These are important social gatherings. A busy working mother in Cleveland said she would never have met so many people who live near her without yard sales.
对另外一些人来说,庭院售旧货只不过是取乐的一种方式。 在一些社区,同一个周末会有十个、二十个家庭举办庭院售旧货。 这些卖物会是重要的社交聚会。 克利夫兰的一位工作繁忙的母亲说,要是没有庭院售旧货,她是不会遇到那么多居住在她家附近的人的。
Other people say yard sales help the environment. Old things are re-used instead of being thrown away.
还有一些人说,庭院售旧货帮助保护环境。 旧东西不是被扔掉,而是被再利用。
In any case, experts say buying and collecting objects at yard sales and flea markets are more popular than even in America. Hunting for unusual items is a sport for some people. For others, it is a way of life.
不管怎样,专家们讲,从庭院售旧货和跳蚤市场上购买和收集东西在当今美国比以往任何时候都流行。 对一些人来说,寻觅不寻常的物件是一种娱乐消遣。 对另外一些人来说,这是一种生活方式。