9月12日BBC News:西班牙桑坦德银行主席突发心脏病去世

9月12日BBC News:西班牙桑坦德银行主席突发心脏病去世




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President Obama is preparing to deliver a televised address outlining his much-anticipated strategy to combat the militant group Islamic State. The US Secretary of the State John Kerry is in the Middle East to ensure support for US-backed international action against the Islamic State. Virginie Vaginason reports from the White House.

奥巴马总统正在准备发表电视讲话向公众阐明自己对打击伊斯兰恐怖组织的战略计划。美国国务卿约翰克里正在中东为美国打击伊斯兰组织做准备工作。Virginie Vaginason 从白宫发回报道。

In a prime time television address to the nation, the president will explain how the US plans to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State. The White House says Mr. Obama will outline a comprehensive strategy which includes military action and support for forces on the ground fighting IS, namely the moderate Syrian opposition and the Iraqi security forces. The president could also announce the extension of the existing air campaign in Iraq to neighboring Syria.


Just eight days to go to the independent referendum in Scotland, the British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would be heartbroken if the un ion was torn apart. All three main political party leaders went to Scotland to campaign for No votes. Colin Blame reports from Glasgow.

距离苏格兰公投还有八天时间,英国首相戴维卡梅伦表示如果英国出现分裂的话他会非常伤心。三位主要政党领导人驱身前往苏格兰为英国统一做拉票活动宣传。Colin Blame在格拉斯哥报道。

It was the prospect of seeing Scots choosing independence which brought all three party leaders north on the same day. They didn't share a platform in Scotland, but their approach was broadly similar - a passionate appeal to Scottish voters to remain within the UK family. Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond dismissed their interventions as a last ditch sign of desperation. An opinion poll for tomorrow's Daily Record suggests the pro-UK campaign has a lead over the Yes camp. Ten percent had still to make up their minds; but when undecided voters were factored out, the poll put No ahead by 53% to 47%.


Spain's Santander Banking Group has appointed Ana Botin as its new chairwoman. Ms. Botin is the daughter of the former chairman Emilio who died on Tuesday of a heart attack. She is the fourth generation of the family to run Santander. Ms. Botin is currently running the British division of the bank. Her father transformed it from a small domestic bank into the largest in the Euro Zone with funds of more than a trillion dollars.

A court in Egypt has jailed the manager of a Cairo orphanage for three years after a video of him hitting children in his care appeared on the Internet. It's our Arab affairs editor Youssef Taha.

一个开罗孤儿院院长因殴打孩子被埃及法院判处三年监禁。下面是本台阿拉伯事物编辑从Youssef Taha发回报道。

The footage showed Osama Mohammed Osman beating the children, who are aged between four and seven with a wooden stick and kicking them like a football. Their crime, according to him, was turning on a television set and opening a fridge without his permission. The video, which was widely circulated in social media, provoked such an outcry that President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi intervened. Mr. Osman has been convicted of assault, forced child labor, and violating child laws.


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People fleeing the Boko Haram militants in northeastern Nigeria had been giving harrowing accounts to the BBC. Thousands of people have fled to refugee camps in Yola, the capital of Adamawa state. One man said he and others were trapped in the hills trying to survive by eating leaves. One woman said she was sheltering children who could not find their parents as Nigerian military fighter jets dropped bombs nearby.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged 50 million dollars to help combat Ebola in West Africa. The charitable foundation said it will release funds to international organizations on the ground in order to, in its words, scale up emergency efforts. At least a thousand people have died from the disease in Liberia.


EU members have delayed a decision on implementing the latest economic sanctions imposed against Russia, for its involvements in the crisis in Ukraine. EU ambassadors will meet again on Thursday. EU diplomats said that Germany was pushing to implement the sanctions agreed on Monday, but other EU countries wanted to wait while the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine was holding.


The opening ceremony for the Invictus Games, a sporting competition for wounded service men and women has been taking place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. More than 400 competitors from 13 countries are taking part in the four-day event. Queen Elizabeth's grandson Prince Harry, who serves with the British Army in Afghanistan, is the driving force behind the games. He says they will change lives.


Over the next four days we will see some truly remarkable achievements. For some of those taking part, this will be a stepping stone to elite sports. But for others, it will mark the end of a chapter and their recovery and the beginning of a new one. Either way, you can be sure, that everyone who takes part will be giving their all. And I have no doubt that lives will be changed this weekend.


Prince Harry there.
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