新概念英语第三册31:A lovable eccentric



True eccentrics never deliberately set out to draw attention to themselves. They disregard social conventions without being conscious that they are doing anything extraordinary. This invariably wins them the love and respect of others, for they add colour to the dull routine of everyday life.
Up to the time of his death, Richard Colson was one of the most notable figures in our town. He was a shrewd and wealthy businessman, but most people in the town hardly knew anything about this side of his life. He was known to us all as Dickie and his eccentricity had become legendary long before he died.
Dickie disliked snobs intensely. Though he owned a large car, he hardly ever used it, preferring always to go on foot. Even when it was raining heavily, he refused to carry an umbrella. One day, he walked into an expensive shop after having been caught in a particularly heavy shower. He wanted to buy a $300 watch for his wife, but he was in such a bedraggled condition than an assistant refused to serve him. Dickie left the shop without a word and returned carrying a large cloth bag. As it was extremely heavy, he dumped it on the counter. The assistant asked him to leave, but Dickie paid no attention to him and requested to see the manager. Recognizing who the customer was, the manager was most apologetic and reprimanded the assistant severely. When Dickie was given the watch, the presented the assistant with the cloth bag. It contained $300 in pennies. He insisted on the assistant's counting the money before he left -- 30,000 pennies in all! On another occasion, he invited a number of important critics to see his private collection of modern paintings. This exhibition received a great deal of attention in the press, for though the pictures were supposed to be the work of famous artists, they had in fact been painted by Dickie. It took him four years to stage this elaborate joke simply to prove that critics do not always know what they are talking about.


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(Attention: The following points are not covered by the video. It is better for you to watch the video or listen to the MP3 first and try to take notes on your own. Then you may check here to get more details. )

  deliberately: on purpose
  set out to do = set about doing = start doing / to do sth.
  draw attention to 吸引对......的注意
  capture/attract/hold/catch/arrest/receive/draw attention to 吸引对……的注意力
  He made a mistake without being conscious of the fact
  invariably = always
  Her fine character quickly won her the friendship of her colleagues
  win sb sth 为某人赢得……
  add colour to 增添色彩
  Eccentrics add colour to our dull life.
  up to the time of his death: before he died. 完成时
  notable: famous
  this side of his life 生活的这一面
  Dickie disliked snobs intensely / violently
  preferring 现在分词做伴随状况状语
  be caught in a heavy shower 遇到瓢泼大雨
  be caught in a heavy snow 遇到大雪
  be caught in a heavy storm 遇到风暴
  pay no attention to sb = ignore sb = take no notice of sb = turn a deaf ear to sb对……不予理睬
  Dickie took no notice of him
  dickie turned a deaf ear to him.
  refuse to listen to
  request 求见(非常正式而有礼貌的用词,语气相当强烈,假如你request某件东西的话,通常你有权利得到你想要的。)
  I requested the headmaster.
  Every student can request assistance of their teachers.’
  demand 在语气上还要强烈,假如你demand某件东西的话,你坚决认为你有权利得到你想要的,且不愿意接受否定的回答。
  I demand my rights. 我要求我的权力。
  ask 口头或写信介到某物
  I asked to get the book.
  he asked me for help.
  realizing or recognizing 在这里现在分词做原因状语
  most = very much
  present sb. with sth. or present sth. to sb. 把......交给
  insist on doing / insist that
  He insisted that the shop assistant should count the money before he left.
  receive a great deal of attention in the press 引起了报界广泛注意
  simply to prove = only to prove
  talk nonsense 胡说八道
  talk sense 说正经话





adj. 可爱的
n. (行为)古怪人
v. 不顾,漠视

n. 习俗,风俗
adj. 感觉到的,意识到的
adv. 总是,经常地
n. 常规;惯例
adj. 精明的
n. 怪僻
adj. 传奇般的
n. 势利小人,谄上欺下的人
adv. 强烈地
adj. 拖泥带水的
v. 把……砰的一声抛下
adj. 道歉的
v. 训斥
v. 暗中策划
adj. 精心构思的


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