11月6日BBC news全球大事件

11月6日BBC news全球大事件






BBC News with Julie Candler.

The founder of Virgin Sir Richard Branson says lessons will be learned following the explosion of a Virgin Galactic rocket during a test flight in California. Sir Richard joined US Federal investigators at the crash site, looking at why Spaceship II broke up in midair. Our correspondent David Willies reports from the Mojave Desert.

“A visibly shaken Sir Richard Branson said yesterday's disaster was a considerable setback to his mission and in the light of what had happened, he wouldn't be pushing on blindly. He indicated that Virgin Galactic's future would ultimately depend on the outcome of the crash investigators' inquiry. Spaceship II broke apart a couple of minutes after separating from the mother ship during a test flight here. One of the pilots ejected and is seriously ill in hospital. The other didn't survive.”

The opposition in Burkina Faso says it won't accept a military takeover of the country and is going to take to the streets on Sunday in protest. President Blaise Compaore stepped down on Friday after a popular uprising. The army has named lieutenant-colonel Isaac Zida as the country's new leader. The African Uni on has called for a civilian-led transition leading to free and fair elections as soon as possible. Here is our West Africa correspondent Thomas Fessy.

“After 24 hours of a power struggle within the army to decide who should lead the country, opposition parties and civil groups are claiming the victory from the popular uprising that forced President Compaore to resign. They say the management of the transition belongs to the people and shouldn't be confiscated by the army. They've called for a mass rally in the morning. There is growing concern among the population that this week's events may now be hijacked by a military coup.”

Tens of thousands of people have been protesting through the Republic of Ireland over the introduction of charges for tap water. The average household will have to pay about 300 dollars a year. Chris Pay reports.

“Campaigners have held almost 100 demonstrations across the Republic of Ireland. Some protesters burned registration forms for the water charges scheme. In January of next year, people will have to pay for domestic water supply for the first time. It's a consequence of the international financial bailout which Ireland accepted in 2010. The multi-billion Euro package rescued the country's economy, but the condition was that Ireland had to reduce its national debts.”

Police in Hong Kong have arrested a British man over the murders of two women. The victims were found in a luxury flat in the Wan Chai District. Police said one of the bodies had been stuffed into a suitcase and left out on a balcony. Media in Hong Kong are reporting that the man arrested at the scene was a 29-year old banker with a top global firm and that the women were sex workers.

World News from the BBC.

Iraqi officials say Islamic State militants have carried out a new mass killing of members of a tribe in Anbar Province. The officials say the Jihadists lined up and shot at least 50 men and women of the Albu Nimr tribe in retaliation for their resistance to IS. The Albu Nimr had fought the militants for several weeks.

Rights activists in Saudi Arabia say the pioneering female lawyer Suad al-Shamery has been arrested for comment she made on twitter which have been portrayed by her opponents as insulting Islam. Our Arab Affairs editor Sebastian Usher reports.

“Suad Shamery has long been a thorn in the sight of religious establishment in Saudi Arabia. She's persistently questioned the good faith of some Islamic clerics whom she sees as one of the main obstacles preventing Saudi women from obtaining more rights. She received threats early this year for suggesting that the adoption of long beards is a sign of being a devout Muslim was silly. She is now facing police interrogation over similar twits. The signs are not good. She set up a group called Saudi de Libros. Her co-founder Ria Badavi is currently serving a 10-year sentence for insulting Islam.”

An Argentine judge has asked Spain to arrest and extradite two Spanish former ministers accused of involvement in murder during the military rule of General Franco. They can not be tried in Spain because of an amnesty law. But the officials could be prosecuted in Argentina. The families of alleged victims have asked Argentina for help because it has an extradition treaty with Spain.

The authorities in Bangladesh say they are struggling to restore electricity supplies after the whole country was hit by a power blackout. The first time this has happened in seven years. A director of state-run power development board acknowledged that the national grid had collapsed. He said efforts to bring the power back had failed repeatedly. Officials say there is a glitch in the transmission line to India opened last year.

BBC News.


1.midair n. 半空中

The bird stopped and hovered in mid-air.

2.confiscate vt. 没收;充公;查抄 adj. 被没收的

The law has been used to confiscate assets from people who have committed minor offences.

3.coup n. 政变;妙计;出乎意料的行动;砰然的一击 vt. 使…颠倒;使…倾斜 vi. 推倒;倾斜;溢出

It is reported that the governmental troops have successfully squelched an armed coup.

4.bailout n. 紧急救助;跳伞

We all know there was no government bailout for Lehman.

5.pioneering adj. 首创的;先驱的

Every time we talk about the hard pioneering days, we have so much to say that we can't get it all out.
大家一提起那艰苦创业的日子, 总有说不完的话。

6.devout adj. 虔诚的;衷心的

She was a devout Christian.

7.interrogation n. 讯问;审问;[语] 疑问句

He seemed shaken after the interrogation.

8.extradite vt. 引渡;获取…的引渡

The American murderer was caught by the English police and extradited to America.

9.blackout n. 灯火管制;灯火熄灭;暂时的意识丧失;停电,断电

There was an electricity black-out in a large area in the north of the country.


1.The opposition in Burkina Faso says it won't accept a military takeover of the country and is going to take to the streets on Sunday in protest.

take to the street 走上街头(游行,抗议)

The public believes its only recourse is to take to the streets.

Summertime in South Korea time for striking workers to take to the streets.

2.The officials say the Jihadists lined up and shot at least 50 men and women of the Albu Nimr tribe in retaliation for their resistance to IS.

in retaliation for 报复

Police said they believed the attack was in retaliation for the death of the drug trafficker.

The arson was in retaliation for the killing of their friend.











伊拉克官方称IS武装分子在安巴尔省一个部落实施了新的大规模屠杀,官方称这些圣战分子在Albu Nimr部落将至少50名男女排在一起,然后开枪打死了他们,这是为了报复他们对IS的抵抗。Albu Nimr部落几周以来一直在与这些武装分子作战。

沙特阿拉伯权利人士称女性律师先驱者Suad al-Shamery因在推特上的言论被捕,她的反对者称她在羞辱伊斯兰教。阿拉伯事务记者塞巴斯蒂安·亚瑟报道。

“Suad al-Shamery一直是沙特阿拉伯宗教界的眼中钉,她一直质疑一些伊斯兰教阿訇的忠诚,她认为他们是阻碍沙特妇女获得更多权利的主要障碍质疑。她今年年初就收到威胁,因为她认为蓄场胡须作为虔诚穆斯林的标志是愚蠢的。她现在因类似的嘲笑而面临警方质问,这情况看来不妙。她成立了一个名叫Saudi de Libros的组织,该组织的合作创始人Ria Badavi目前因侮辱伊斯兰教而服刑10年。”