11月7日BBC news全球大事件

11月7日BBC news全球大事件






BBC News with Sue Montgomery.
Police in Pakistan say a suicide bomber has killed at least 50 people and wounded more than 70 close to the border with India. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned what he described as a dastardly act of terrorism. Shahzeb Jillani reports.
The suicide bomber struck at the end of a parade at the Wagah Border Crossing. It's the only crossing between Pakistan and India, and hundreds gathered there daily to watch soldiers conduct a flag lowering ceremony as the border closes. Among those killed are women and children. A militant group linked to a fraction of the Taliban Jundullah said the bombing was the retaliation against the Pakistani military's offensive in the North Waziristan tribal region.
A number of other militant groups have also said they carried out the attack. India says the daily flag-lowering ceremony will be called off for three days at Pakistan's request.
Voting has ended in eastern Ukraine for the elections of the regional assemblies and heads of government in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk Republics. The election is seen as illegal by Kiev and by the international community. David Stern who is in Kiev has more details.
We have the first exit polls in fact from the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic. As expected, the current acting leader Alexander Zakharchenko is well in the lead with 81% of the vote, that's the exit poll. The outcome of this election was really not in doubt. The question really is what is going to happen next, given the very strong denunciation of these elections by the western governments, by in fact the United Nations who said that it is not going to contribute to the peace process and the fear is, of course, that this will in fact lead to a further escalation.
A series of bombings in the Iraqi capital Baghdad has killed more than 30 pilgrims on the eve of the Shiah's religious festival Ashura. One of those explosions killed 14 people who'd gathered at a refreshment tent in the Sadr City district. Ashura ceremonies have been targeted in the past by Sunni militants as Sebastian Usher reports.
Ashura is always a tense time in Iraq, but never more so than this year. The fear is that Sunni militants belonging to or linked to IS will launch attacks on the hundreds of thousands of Shiah pilgrims gathering in Karbala for the religious festival. The latest bombings in Baghdad targeted pilgrims preparing to go to the city. But Sunnis who fight back against IS have also been suffered. In the past few days, the Jihadists have lined up and shot at least 200 members of the Albu Nimr tribe in Anbar Province, including women and children.
A prominent politician in Yemen has been killed in the capital a day after political parties agreed to allow a new technocratic government be formed. Mohammed Abdulmalik Mutawakkil was shot dead by a gunman on a motor cycle.
BBC News.
The UN's panel of experts on climate change has released what its leaders calls its most robust report yet challenging policy makers to eradicate greenhouse emissions or face irreversible damage. The report says global warming is unequivocal, and that it's mainly being caused by human activity rather than by other factors. It says electricity generation must be almost totally carbon-free by the mid of the century if dangers to be avoided.
The army in Burkina Faso has fired shots into the air to disperse protestors at the headquarters of the State Broadcaster in the capital Ouagadougou. Opposition parties are demanding that the civilian-led transitional government take charge until the next presidential elections. Earlier a UN envoy in the city Mohammed Ibn Chambas warned of a possible sanction if the military kept power.
The Africa Uni on, the Economic Community of West African States, and the United Nations are ready to work with all parties for a rapid return to constitutional rule. The missions encourage all parties taking part to respect human rights, so that the transition is managed in a way that respects the will of the people.
Police in southern Indian have taken 30 people into preventive custody as a number of young people gathered in a beach in the southern city of K. to hold hands and kiss in public. A group of social activists had called for the 'kiss of love' demonstration. They were protesting against what they said was excessive moral policing after a group of hard-line Hindus launched a violent raid in a cafe to prevent public displays of affection between men and women.
The British clarinetist donned blandly the 'Acker Bilk,' who helped shape the Trad Jazz Revival of the 1950s and 60s, has died at the age of 85. He shot to international fame with his fluted signature tune 'Stranger on the Shore.'
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1.dastardly adj. 卑鄙的;懦弱的

He described the killing as a dastardly act.

2.retaliation n. 报复;反击;回敬

Community and church leaders have appealed for calm and no retaliation.

3.self-proclaimed adj. 自称的

He is President of his own self-proclaimed republic.

4.denunciation n. 谴责,斥责;告发

On September 24, he wrote a stinging denunciation of his critics.

5.unequivocal adj. 明确的;不含糊的

On the whole, their tone was unequivocal.

6.hard-line adj. 毫不妥协的;立场坚定的;采强硬态度的 n. 强硬派;主张强硬路线者

The United States has taken a lot of criticism for its hard-line stance.

7.affection n. 喜爱,感情;影响;感染

Caroline is the object of his affections.

8.flute n. 长笛 vt. 用长笛吹奏 vi. 吹长笛

He played a nice tune on the flute.


1.As expected, the current acting leader Alexander Zakharchenko is well in the lead with 81% of the vote, that's the exit poll.

in the lead 领先;主要的;占主导地位的

None of the competitors could catch up with the untiring runner who was in the lead.

I was half a mile in the lead burning the earth like a gust of wind.

2.He shot to international fame with his fluted signature tune 'Stranger on the Shore.'

shoot to fame 一举成名

Photographer Weegee shot to fame with his shocking pics of New York crime in the 30s.

Alina Reyes shot to fame a few years ago with her extraordinary first novel.




巴基斯坦警方称在本国与印度接壤处发生自杀式爆炸,导致至少50人丧生,另外70多人受伤。印度总理莫迪谴责此事,称之为恐怖主义的懦弱行径。Shahzeb Jillani报道。






在伊拉克,阿舒拉节期间总是气氛紧张,但今年的情势更严重。其中的担心是,属于或与IS有关的逊尼派武装分子会对成千上万名什叶派朝圣者发动袭击,这些朝圣者聚集在卡尔巴拉准备参加宗教节日。巴格达最近的系列爆炸案针对的是准备来该市的朝圣者,但与IS作战的逊尼派也受到袭击。在过去几天,圣战分子在安巴尔省将Albu Nimr部落至少200人排列起来枪杀掉,其中包括妇女和儿童。







曾帮助20世纪50到60年代传统爵士乐复兴的英国黑管演奏大师Acker Bilk去世,享年85岁,他凭其作品《岸上的陌生人》赢得国际声誉。