Mai Mai Rebels Accused of Murder and Rape
马伊 - 马伊叛军被指谋杀和强奸的
Joe DeCapua
January 06,2015
It’s been four years since DRC authorities issued an arrest warrant for a Mai Mai militia Leader accused of crimes against humanity. Nevertheless, he remains at large. Human Rights Watch has released – what it said – is new information about crimes committed by the militia.
它已经四年了刚果(金)当局发出逮捕令的马伊 - 马伊民兵领袖被控犯有危害人类罪。尽管如此,他仍然在逃。人权观察发布了 - 它所说 - 是关于承诺的民兵犯罪的新信息。
The rights group says the NDC rebels -- commanded Ntabo Ntaberi Sheka -- are accused of killings, mass rape, mutilations and child abductions. It says the worst abuses occurred between August 2012 and November 2013 in and around Pinga – a town bordering the Walikale and Masisi territories.
该人权组织说,在NDC叛军 - 指挥NtaboNtaberiSHEKA - 被指控谋杀,集体强奸,肢解和绑架儿童。它说,在和周围的平加2012年8月和2013年11月间发生的最严重的滥用 - 一个镇接壤,瓦利卡莱和马西西地区。
In July of 2011, U.N. peacekeeping officials tried to arrest Sheka when he sought medical attention in Goma in North Kivu province. However, he escaped. Human Rights Watch says he was possibly “tipped-off by Congolese army personnel, who had a close relationship with him.”
Human Rights Watch’s senior Congo researcher Ida Sawyer said NDC attacks continue.She said capturing Sheka remains difficult.
“It’s partly been difficult because he’s operating in a very remote region and it’s difficult to find him. But it’s also the case that he has shifting alliances and at various times support from Congolese army officers and also support from individuals in Rwanda and alliances with other armed groups operating in Eastern Congo. And he’s been able to take advantage of this different support to help him evade capture over the years,” she said.
Sawyer described some of the crimes Sheka and his militia are accused of committing.
“Sheka’s group, the NDC, along with two other armed groups carried out a brutal mass rape and nearly 400 civilians were raped between July 30th and August 2nd 2010 in a series of 13 villages In Walikale territory. Since then Sheka’s troops have continued to carry out a number of vicious killings. And they often have cut off the body parts of those they kill and later parade the legs or heads or other body parts of the victims around town, chanting ethnic slurs.”
They’re also accused forcibly recruiting child soldiers and abducting civilians.
Sawyer said, “They’ve also abducted a number of women and girls, who they are holding as sex slaves – forcing them to be the wives of combatants. Dozens of these young girls, some as young as 12, are still being held by the group as sex slaves in the forests of Walikale.”
索耶说,“他们还绑架了一些妇女和女童,她们都抱着为性奴隶谁的 - 迫使他们成为战斗人员的妻子。这些年轻的女孩,有些年仅12数十家,仍然被关押在小组在瓦利卡莱的森林性奴“。
The list goes on.
“In one of the most brutal incidents in recent years, the NDC abducted 30 people, including 20 young school children from a primary school in Butemure village in Walikale territory. And they forced these young students to march through the forest for days and those who were too tired or weak were killed by the NDC fighters,” she said.
Human Rights Watch called on Congolese authorities and the U.N. mission to step-up efforts to arrest Sheka and bring him to justice. It also wants an investigation to learn which groups and individuals are supporting the NDC rebels.